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When was the last time you played a game where the main protagonist is a rolled up, bouncing armadillo? Years ago? Never? Blockadillo is going to change that!

Blockadillo plays a lot like the old arcade game Breakout, where you would use a paddle and ball in an attempt to knock out all the blocks on the screen. The difference is that you control a rolled-up armadillo instead of a paddle and the armadillo jumps up and down by itself the whole time. You can only steer left and right with your thumbs to smash the blocks. Blockadillo adds its own spin to the classic concept by introducing color coding. As an example, a yellow armadillo can only break yellow blocks and this premise ranges over five different colors. Changing color is accomplished through special blocks.

Besides these two block types there are a lot of other things to find in a typical Blockadillo level. Some blocks cannot be smashed and need to be pushed around to clear a passage for example. Moving platforms can be activated with color coded switches and enable you to reach areas of the level you could not reach before. In some levels the floor is literally lava and you can't touch it. You have to carefully plan a route over the lava, always thinking of the colors you need on the other side to smash the blocks.

Have fun playing Blockadillo :)

Website: www.blockadillo.com

Twitter: @blockadillo

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